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DSSSL – Document Style Semantics and Specification Language

Mulberry hosts the DSSSL Documentation Project and DSSSList, the DSSSL users’ mailing list, where DSSSL users can exchange ideas and seek answers to problems.

DSSSList – the DSSSL Users’ Mailing List

DSSSList is provided by Mulberry Technologies, Inc., as a free service to the DSSSL community. DSSSList complements available tools and utilities by providing a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas and solutions.

DSSSList home page

DSSSL Documentation Project

The DSSSL documentation project is a collaborative effort by DSSSL users to write and disseminate documentation on all aspects of DSSSL for the purposes of:

The project draws on the combined experience of present users of DSSSL, principally those subscribed to the DSSSList mailing list (which also hosts the discussion between project participants).

DSSSL Documentation Project home page

Further Information

Two excellent sources of information about DSSSL are the DSSSL section of Robin Cover’s SGML/XML Web Page and James Clark’s DSSSL page.

XSL – Extensible Style Language

Mulberry Technologies, Inc., also supports XSL and provides XSL-List – the Open Forum on XSL. For subscription information and the XSL-List archive, see