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Re: Processing external data entities

From: David Megginson <>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 06:28:55 -0500
James Clark writes:

 > It would be simple and easy to have an external-procedure that
 > returned as a string the contents of an entity with a given system
 > identifier.  This is something that probably ought to be added to
 > DSSSL at some point.

It sounds like a good, general solution, James, since it would work
with any entities that the system knew about (and not just those on
the file system).  Might it also be useful to add file-input
capabilities, for reading auxiliary files, etc., that are not part of
the input document?

Thank you, by the way, for the corrections.  I've been using LISP-like
languages for too long to excuse myself for missing the "let*"

All the best,


David Megginson       
Microstar Software Ltd.
University of Ottawa