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Re: DTD for customizable stylesheets

From: James Clark <>
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 15:27:36 +0700
At 16:21 28/03/97 +0100, Norbert Mikula wrote:

>James, I think we ought to include this sub-DTD here :
><!ENTITY % declarations "features | baseset-encoding |
>literal-described-char | add-name-chars | add-separator-chars |
>standard-chars | other-chars | combine-char | map-sdata-entity |
>char-repertoire | sgml-grove-plan" >
>What do you think ?. I am not an expert on architectural forms.
>So I am not sure how to approach this problem (if there is

You don't need to change the meta-DTD for the DSSSL architecture. You only
need to change the DTD used by the stylesheet.  A DSSSL engine should be
able to accept a style sheet using any DTD so long as it conforms to the
DSSSL architecture.