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Re: Cross-referencing

From: Sebastian Rahtz <>
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 15:40:18 GMT
 > 3) All these questions about cross-referencing made me remember a
 > Latex-style called varioref which allows `intelligent pagereferences'
 > which print out
 >    How would one handle things like that in DSSSL ? Is this possible at
 > all 

I don't see this is much different from the back end having to generate
text for a page number, which could be 1 or 30001; ie it may affect
line and page breaks, and it cannot be worked out by the DSSSL
engine. replacing `1' or `30001' by `next page' or `facing page'
remains a task for the formatter. It would be a back-end dependent
extension to allow the back end to do this `varioref'-like stuff, just
as James' already put in hooks to let you specify the style of page
numbering between roman and arabic etc.

By the way, can I ask those people who refer to their DSSSL
implementations to pass on some news about what back ends they are
working on? we know what Jade does, but I for one have no idea what
YADE's target is.