How and Why
Are Companies Using XML?

B. Tommie Usdin Mulberry Technologies, Inc.

XML is Everywhere [slide 1]
XML as Document Content is Different [slide 2]
Multi-Use is the Key [slide 3]
Printers, Compositors, Designers It’s Not about You! [slide 4]
You Have Options [slide 5]
Publisher’s View of an XML System [slide 6]
XML Features Appeal to Business Needs [slide 7]
The Business Case
Why a Business Wants XML in Publishing [slide 8]
Benefits of XML (in general) [slide 9]
Benefits for XML (for Documents) [slide 10]
The Dream [slide 11]
The Dream can be Partially Realized [slide 12]
Dream: Repurpose and Reuse [slide 13]
We Still Print Textbooks [slide 14]
Textbooks May Have Instructor’s Manuals [slide 15]
We also Want E-Textbooks [slide 16]
We Want to Make All Those Products [slide 17]
Case Study: Repurpose and Reuse [slide 18]
Dream: New products — Mix and Match Existing Content [slide 19]
Case Study: Central Repository [slide 20]
Case Study (continued) [slide 21]
Dream: Reduce Production Time and Improve Quality [slide 22]
Case Study: Improve Quality [slide 23]
Dream: Switch Software and Service Vendors Any Time [slide 24]
This Dream Has Come True [slide 25]
Dream: Pages — As Good as Current Pages — Automatically [slide 26]
XML Can Feed Composition Systems [slide 27]
XSL-FO Pages Sometimes OK [slide 28]
Dream: Value-added Electronic Products — Automatically [slide 29]
For the Printed Journal [slide 30]
For the Website [slide 31]
For an Abstracting/Indexing Service [slide 32]
Case Study: Select from Module Library [slide 34]
Case Study: Justification/background Hidden in XML [slide 35]
Case Study: Translation Means Translation (Not Typesetting) [slide 36]
The Promise of XML [slide 39]
XML to A Service Provider [slide 40]
Colophon [slide 41]