Separating Mapping from Coding
in Transformation Tasks

B. Tommie Usdin and Wendell Piez

XML Transformations are Powerful [slide 1]
XML Transformation Languages [slide 2]
Requirements for an XML Transform [slide 3]
What is a Transformation Map [slide 4]
When to Write a Map [slide 5]
Why Map Before Coding? [slide 6]
What a Transformation Map is NOT [slide 7]
Mapping and Coding are Different [slide 8]
Mapping Skills [slide 9]
Coding Skills [slide 10]
Who Uses the Map? [slide 11]
Example Map [slide 12]
Styles of Transformation [slide 14]
Misfits Between Vocabularies Explicit [slide 15]
Non-technical Language [slide 16]
Notes and Examples [slide 17]
Use XML for the Map [slide 18]
The Bottom Line [slide 19]
Resources [slide 20]
Colophon [slide 21]