Moving to XML: The Investment

B. Tommie Usdin

Moving to XML: The Investment [slide 1]
Content Providers and Vendors Investment [slide 2]
XML Gives Both Content Providers and Vendors [slide 3]
Content Provider Investment in XML [slide 4]
XML Will Change the Way Publishers Work [slide 5]
Added Value Means Added Work [slide 6]
Costs and Benefits Not Equitable [slide 7]
Service Vendor Investment in XML [slide 8]
So Service Providers Need to [slide 9]
Vendors Must [slide 10]
Placing XML in the Workflow [slide 11]
When is the Data Tagged [slide 12]
XML Workflow Means Changes in Staffing/Jobs [slide 14]
Warning: XML Does Not Reduce Staff [slide 15]
What it Takes to Make XML happen [slide 16]
Select (or Create) a Model [slide 17]
Basic XML Skills For Everyone [slide 18]
Tagging Knowledge Varies for Different Models [slide 19]
XML Management Training [slide 20]
XML Wrangler Training [slide 21]
Prepress Skill Set Includes [slide 22]
DTD and Schema Skills [slide 23]
New Data Manipulation Skills [slide 24]
Manipulating XML is Prepress Life Blood [slide 25]
Parsing and Delivering “Clean” XML [slide 26]
Publishers Can Use Transformation Skills Too [slide 27]
New Tools and Tool Training [slide 28]
XML Validation Tools [slide 29]
XML-Aware Editors [slide 30]
Transformation Language and Processors [slide 31]
A New Option: Making Print Directly From XML [slide 32]
Repositories/Content Management Systems [slide 33]
The Bad News: There is no Free Lunch [slide 34]
The Good News: You Can Do XML and Benefit [slide 35]
Content Providers Get the Benefits They Want [slide 36]
Conversion Vendors Would Make a Killing [slide 37]
There are Real XML Benefits for Page Production [slide 38]
Colophon [slide 39]