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NLM Tag Suite 3.0 and Documents

March 9, 2010 (9:30 - 5:00, lunch included)

A document-centric introduction to the journal article tag sets, especially aimed at people who will be creating content in, or converting content to, these tag sets.

This “document-centric” class will focus on how journal articles can be tagged using all three of the journal tag sets: Archiving, Publishing, and Authoring. Emphasis will be on the user/tagger view of the tag sets, and the tools available to people creating content in, or converting content to, XML according to these tag sets. The class will review the tag set documentation and other resources that may be valuable to people working with content in these tag sets. Changes in the tag sets from previous versions to version 3.0 will be discussed, including how to manage backwards-incompatible changes in the tag sets.

The Archiving, Publishing, and Authoring Tag Sets are used by publishers, libraries, archives, and authors to encode journal articles in XML for print and electronic publication, search and retrieval, and archiving. Version 3.0 (released in 2008) is a full number release and the first non-backward-compatible release of the three Tag Sets.

This class discusses the changes in the three Tag Sets from the document point of view. We discuss what new types of information can be encoded, what has changed, who may want to migrate to Version 3.0 and when, and the new or improved resources that are available for managers, users, and taggers. In this lecture and demonstration class, we will discuss: