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Separating Mapping from Coding in Transformation Tasks

Demonstration example

As presented at XML 2007, Boston Massachussetts, by Tommie Usdin and Wendell Piez (link to the slides)

This example shows a transformation mapping specification encoded in a lightweight custom XML format designed for the job, ConversionSpec XML.

Mulberry Technologies, Inc., has used this format and variants and extensions thereof successfully in many projects, and would be happy to provide advice and consulting on applications and extensions of it.

Or use and adapt it freely on your own! (No warranty is implied.)

DHQ to NLM 2.3 Mapping Specification

The source format for the example is the DHQauthor format of Digital Humanities Quarterly (DHQ), as of November 2007.

The target format is NLM/NCBI Publishing DTD, version 2.3.