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Photos of B. Tommie Usdin

I have been told that some people want to know what I look like. So, here are a few photos:

Tommie Usdin

WorkingTommie with laptop, getting a little work done

Three friends, three birthdays, three cakesThree friends, three birthdays, three cakes

Michael Sperberg-McQueen (left), Steve Newcomb (right), and I (middle) have birthdays within a week. Since we were together (planning an Extreme conference) on/near our birthdays, we had a party.

With "Bubble Fish"Tommie with bubble fish

The fish bubble gadget makes great bubbles. It also makes very odd spaceship-shoot-em-up sounds, but these can be ignored.

From the BackTommie Usdin from the back

I’d like to think my hair isn’t this messy all the time, but I suspect this is pretty much what I look like these days.